Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FtR 10.7 Dec 2014 Signals Update

Happy New Year to all. FtR Trading System ends 2014 with a DRAWDOWN month. I would say finally, the drawdown monster struck. It hurts even though I know losing month is inevitable. From the results, we again see a short in Crude Oil was the saviour, otherwise the system might lose even more. Nevertheless, for the whole year, FtR Trading System achieves another excellent year, pocketing more than USD 30,000 profit (per lot basis). If you begin with an initial capital of USD 25,000 (I have a subscriber who use USD 15,000 to trade 1 flat lot.), you get more than 100% return on capital. :-) I am looking forward 2015 as a challenging year. So, wish you guys ALL THE BEST!

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