How to Design Your Own Profitable Trading Strategy?
1-4 persons per workshop
Duration: 2 days

1.      Participants discover, understand and accept own personality.
2.      Participants learn to design trading strategy using simple step by step approach.
3.      Participants learn to incorporate own personality, preferences, beliefs, financial condition and lifestyle in designing own trading strategy.
4.      Participants learn to execute his/her own trading strategy confidently and profit from market.

Day One
Introduction of workshop objectives and contents to participants.
Build rapport with participants and get to know their background, personality, trading knowledge level and experience.
Part 1: Profitable Trading
Why 95% of traders lose money?
What is profitable trading?
What is a complete trading strategy?
Part 2: Trader Personality and Trading Style
Trader Personality
Types of Trading Style
Part 3: Trading Strategy Design
Factors affecting design process
Trader Bias
Self Discovery
Steps by step in developing profitable trading strategy
Important quantitative parameters
Part 4: Trading Set Up & Entry
What is trading set up?
Trading set up is not entry
How to design trading set up?
Common trading set up
Common entry techniques
Part 5: Stop and Exits
Why stop?
Types of stop and its usage
Way to determine optimum stop in particular strategy
Where to place stop?
Exit is not stop
Types of exits
Way to determine optimum profit target

Day Two
Part 6: Strategy Selection
Quantitative parameters and their role in determining strategy profitability
Which strategy is most profitable?
Part 7: Money Management
Money management and its significant role in your trading
Types of Position Sizing techniques
Part 8: Case Study

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A Complete Profitable Trading Strategy which includes:-
1) Set Up & Entry Technique
2) Stop Placement & Trade Management
3) Position Sizing Calculation
4) Exit Method

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