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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness and knowledge never decrease by being shared.

取之社会 用之社会
Over the years, I have many opportunities to learn trading directly from professional traders, often for free. I would say I learnt more from them than from attending paid mass audience trading course.  As a way of passing on the goodwill of those who’ve taught me, I decided to give FREE consultation for those who are struggling with their trading right now. Write to me, Below are the objectives and agenda that I will go through during the consultation.

How to deal with trading losses?
·      Get to know participant trading experience and performance
·      Review participant trading results and discover how losses affect their trading performance
·      Identify the root cause(s) leading to trading losses
·      Explain to participant type of trading losses
·      Propose ways for participant to overcome trading losses
·      Guide participant on how to implement changes to improve trading performance

1.   Get to know participant trading experience through chatting and information sharing.
i)    Go through participant's statements, charts, trading diary etc
ii)   Review each trade to identify participant trading style, mistakes made, habits etc.
iii) Pin point the exact reason(s) of every trading losses and winners.
2.   Explain to participant type of trading losses
i)      Healthy losses vs Unhealthy losses
ii)    How to distinguish healthy and unhealthy losses
3.   Monetary losses
i)      How to protect your trading capital?
ii)    Know your risk tolerance
iii) Embracing risk without the risk of ruin
4.   Psychological losses
i)       How losses can damage your mind?
ii)     How to heal psychological injury?
iii)   Blind faith won’t take you far.
iv)   How beliefs help you in trading?
v)     How to instill sound beliefs in your mind?
vi)   How to trade confidently?
5.   Propose ways for participants to tackle problems leading to trading losses.
6.   Introduce timetable for participant to implement necessary changes.
7.   Performance evaluation after implement changes.

Please take note that I cannot guarantee your trading will become profitable after this. Your results will very much depend on your level of commitment. My role here is only a facilitator. You chart your own journey.

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