Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flash Spike During Holiday Sessions

Copper Futures (HG) and US 30Y Treasury Bond Futures (ZB) experienced flash spike during thin-traded holiday sessions. They adjusted ZB high to 131-12 though. One friend asked how to avoid such trading situation. Well, 食得咸鱼抵得渴. Unless you avoid the market completely, you will probably come across such situation in your trading journey.

How about taking advantage of such occurrence? For example, trade the opposite direction when the minutes candlestick shows "shooting star" or "hammer" or "engulfing patterns"? I don't have the statistics but you may back test on this idea. I remember one day in 2008, FKLI did a similar "flash spike" in a lazy Friday afternoon. Here is the daily chart:

What happened next? The chart speaks for itself.

Happy Holidays!

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